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Nirvana.FM Client
Program for personal correspondence on Nirvana, like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, ICQ.


Download the version for Windows and run with wine.

  • Install the program, but only if you have unlimited Internet.
  • We try to minimize the consumption of Internet traffic program, but we strongly recommend not to install the program, if you have a 3G/GPRS Internet with MBS payment.
  • Also a version for Windows with every update consumes about 50Mb of traffic, and updates are released frequently, sometimes every day.
  • Website administration is not responsible for your expenses on Internet traffic.
  • The website administration is not responsible in case if the program will cause any harm to you and/or your computer or phone. For example, if your cat was laying near the computer, the program issued the sound of a new message, and you have included speakers on full volume, scared the cat, who scratched you and broke the keyboard. It is a pity of course the cat, but we have nothing to do with.

Questions and requests

Your questions and suggestions about the program can leave on the blog

Alternative clients for Nirvana developed by third party developers.
    Here we will post links to alternative clients that we know of.
    With all the questions on alternative clients please contact the developers of those clients.

    Developers wishing to create their own version of the agent

    The api documentation is located here





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